DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWhat is the nanochip my client [name withheld] still feels she has in her, based on her dowsing? Is that the “anchor chip” described by the MK Ultra survivor she told me about?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a special chip indeed and it was left in place because this needs to be differentiated as part of your understanding and learning about the phenomena you face in carrying out healing in a thorough fashion, as you have learned all the way along in your channeling and healing work, enquiring again and again about client dilemmas and seeing where weak spots might be in your Protocol, and the discovery of new phenomena along the way as a result. This is yet another revelation, and so this is because the intention is different and the mechanics of the infiltration into the personal energy are different. So the purpose of this is a kind of branding, it is like a barcode that is used to label a container with a product for sale to allow a quick scan to determine what the contents of the box might be, and from that, other information stored away about its origin and perhaps other information regarding its classification, cost, and so forth.

The analogy here for the utilization of this chip with human beings is that it is, in a sense, a kind of gateway in its own right, not a portal per se, but a communication link to port the querying of an energetic outreach to various other chips that may be onboard the individual, each collecting specific kinds of information. This allows a basic interface and connection to the extraterrestrial monitors, so they can keep tabs on the person and to always have a basic connection in place as various chips may come and go over time through becoming obsolete or through a modification of the intended utilization of the human being in question. This is both an information gathering and an information insertion tool, and as such, has a central role to play in keeping the person under the thumb of the Extraterrestrial Alliance.

The removal here is straightforward, as it can be requested as such using this terminology of “anchor chip” to designate it as the major interface technology for all microchips acquired by the individual, both those purposefully implanted, whether etheric or physical, and those ingested as done across the board for humans in general, primarily via food and beverages at this point.