DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19What is the reason that the mainstream media continues to disparage the many recommendations to treat coronavirus infection with hydroxychloroquine, perhaps in combination with other drugs? Is this an orchestration?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

It is definitely an orchestration and a very clear-cut example of mind control manipulation and its consequences. When a belief is instilled within the mind about something, evidence to the contrary will not shift or alter the belief and its proponents may continue to champion the faulty cause even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary or, at a minimum, a severe backlash of countering arguments and evidence that their view is likely to not only be faulty, but highly damaging in its consequences. And that is clearly the case here where a treatment with promise that has been seen in action by many physicians who are assessing accurately that it is helping their patients, nonetheless has no impact on the corrupted spokespersons spouting the propaganda against use of hydroxychloroquine. It is not simply because they are against the president and he was an early advocate of its use having heard about the scientific data that was emerging early on, it is because they are literally programmed to disbelieve that hydroxychloroquine is beneficial because they have been told it is quackery being supported by the evil President of the United States, and they believe wholeheartedly this is the literal truth. So the commentators and representatives of the media and many even in the medical realm who have been influenced by the subliminal programming will continue to disparage the use of this promising drug, and even long after it might be adopted, any time there is a question that is raised or a report of someone who was unable to tolerate the drug and had an adverse reaction, and so on, they will be the first to raise a hue and cry that this was all a mistaken idea.

This is the true source of prejudice, that it is more often than not programmed beliefs within the deep subconscious courtesy of the Extraterrestrial Alliance to cause divisions among groups of people. This is how racism got started. So debates characterized as pro-science and anti-science have a similar origin, both those acting through ignorance and look foolish because they deny scientific advances, as well as those who are sophisticated but have a selective bias against a particular set of scientific findings, will inexplicably be immovable and completely resistant to counterargument to moderate their views. This is how the Extraterrestrial Alliance impedes human progress across the board, they prejudice much scientific thinking amongst scientists to abandon promising ideas in favor of false notions that will simply consume time and money and lead nowhere.