DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersWhat other chronic diseases are the result of extraterrestrial manipulation of humans and their environment?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Many chronic diseases, not only the infectious diseases, are worsened by extraterrestrial manipulation that is done energetically through using attacking spirits who know how to worsen the body energies to compound problems. And this is often facilitated through using various types of energetic manipulation, whether scalar energy or electromagnetic frequencies, via their devices or devices engineered and produced by humans as part of the infrastructure, but nonetheless, have unappreciated adverse health consequences. This includes all the microwave emanations used in cell phone networks and telecommunications, the satellite technologies, the Internet, WiFi networks, and indeed, even electrical power conveyed via power lines and household wiring of alternating current are all carcinogenic and can cause other problems as well.

The hazards are many and growing in intensity and complexity and worsening in their consequences by ramping up the frequency and nature of the content and the energies used, to not only intensify the damage but widen the range of adverse effects. They have corrupted many human technologies across the board (particularly those used in medicine, manufacturing, even packaging, telecommunications, and nutrition) to include many toxic substances and negative energetic materials that have cumulative negative consequence on health and well-being.