DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsWhat percent of Anunnaki, Arcturian, and Reptilian extraterrestrials return successfully to the light when they die, as opposed to becoming lost souls in limbo?
Nicola Staff asked 2 weeks ago

We can tell you at the present time 5%, at best, of any of these three species who pass on will return to the light, but are far more likely to become trapped in the lower astral plane and will be struggling as a consequence. As you know, they are put to work directly and purposefully by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to serve as a kind of slave to do their bidding, and this is always complied with because those lost souls will have more limited wherewithal to resist and are in a very dark place and will be feeling vulnerable and at risk. So to have something purposeful to do, a place to fit in and be productive, will be greatly reassuring to them as this is what they are used to, having been members of a hierarchical society with strict rules and swift punishment for mistakes and any unilateral breaches of trust. They very much need rescuing and healing work. It is their only hope. They will be dragged down and darkened further through serving the Extraterrestrial Alliance and its dark aims to cause great harm to other species.