DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhat percent of racist ideas and beliefs are fueled by the combined workings of karma conveyed by the content of the akashic records, the collective unconscious, and the thought planes of individuals?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

Ninety percent of racist ideas and traits within society are really being fueled by karma, a re-expression of learned behavior and perspectives that have been embraced in the past and are simply re-emergent within a person coming into a setting where the issue is brought before them and triggers that deep inner awareness of who and what they were before. And the old feelings about the issue will begin to flow in from querying the akashic record about what has taken place in the past for the person. And then in response, a query made to the collective unconscious will turn up all kinds of parallel prejudice in the huge number of old thoughts that have accumulated through time. This will create quite a large resonant voice that is in harmony with these unpleasant beliefs and attitudes. So this will reward the bigot, by nature or history, with a new fresh dose of prejudiced instruction and training in how to discriminate against a particular group. It is like a bad habit being rekindled and a person is back in the same pattern once again. The reason it is used by extraterrestrial manipulation is because force of karma on this topic is so strong. They did create this in the first instance knowing that people could be manipulated to make judgments against others who are different, as they use this as a tactic again and again to sow discord about all types of things, and having created racial divisions, reinforce this again and again. And this is continued down through the ages and contributed to a huge backlog of karma reinforcing racial prejudice. So now it is simply a handy device built into human beings that can be summoned up and stimulated to trigger inner feelings and this will add intensity and groove in the old ideas, to create new prejudiced beliefs and then the pattern will reoccur in the current lifetime.