DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner of the Lightworker Healing Protocol had a strange occurrence after performing a Protocol session for a woman. Can you help us understand his strange early morning phone calls from the woman, projecting nature sounds although she never called him, but was dreaming at that hour of talking to him amidst lush vegetation with sounds of flowing water and birds singing, as he heard come from the phone? Were these events connected and why did all record of the phone calls disappear from his cell phone?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This was a divine intervention to create a kind of validation that the work you do is real and has meaning, and it has a divine connection and component that brings about remarkable change. This was a demonstration through the spirit team in making this communication happen to validate for her that something unusual did, in fact, take place. She has felt things happening within her following her Protocol session but some are unsettling, and this has raised some questions in her mind. You have seen this on occasion where a person is, in some respects, perturbed somewhat as it stirs things up for some who are highly sensitive energetically, in the same way as has been described as the release of negativity through a kind of detoxing following a healing intervention. In the same way as negativity accumulates, as the poisons are eliminated they may be sensed on their way out, and this can be confused as something not being accepted or tolerated or even representing a negative rather than positive intervention. Nothing could be further than the truth, as the healing has been quite helpful in eliminating some serious issues of a long-term nature. The local perturbation causing some disquiet is a minor price to pay for significant gains.

This was an added blessing from the divine realm to create a small miracle to validate the interplay and the involvement of the divine realm as an important part of what was taking place. The reason the calls disappeared from the record was in order to preserve the action of the divine realm in being not provable. This, in a sense, is a test of faith, but a small matter because those who witnessed what happened know the truth of things, but it shields the story from scrutiny and perturbing skeptics who must be allowed to have their nonbelief because of their free will and this cannot be violated by divine realm. So this will happen on occasion, that a miracle will occur to create an experiencing of something, but it is something that is transient and then cannot be demonstrated as constituting proof the miracle happened as described. This can be frustrating for the believer who yearns for something special to possess, but that, too, is a kind of trap from ego gratification that cannot be rewarded. There must be a good reason and a high purpose always for a miracle display of some kind, and it is almost always quite local with respect to the audience. It is not that the people are not trusted, it is that the wider array of people are not open or deserving of witnessing something special, they are simply not ready and so it cannot be sent their way.