DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsWhat percentage of infants and children being newly diagnosed with ADD or ADHD have this condition because of extraterrestrial manipulation?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

This is in the same neighborhood of 85 to 90%. This is not a normal state of affairs. Keep in mind, however, that the diagnosis is often a faulty one, and there is a wide degree of misinterpretation of child conduct and behavior. When teachers demand discipline and order in their classroom, and children are fidgety and impatient, and bored with what is going on, and therefore, will distract themselves, and this can be mislabeled as a disorder, and is very harmful because labels will affect the individual and make them have an altered experience and perception of the self, and this can be quite destructive over time. But within those who are truly altered and impaired in their functioning, that fit into these categories, there is clearly a cause and effect going on, and this is due to the extraterrestrial manipulation in most cases.