DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsWhat percentage of infants and children being newly diagnosed with autism have this condition because of extraterrestrial manipulation?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

This is approximately 85%. It is not total because there are other difficulties that happen that are congenital and karmic in origin that can produce the same type of impairments. That is because the mind has specific functions and things must take place in an organized, reproducible way for full use of the body and the senses. When there is an impairment of some kind, it will have quite definite consequences, and this is what happens in each instance. It is just that the insult comes from the interlopers manipulating the brain to cause alteration of normal function. It is a byproduct of the dilution of the intuitive reach that is causing this, and in wanting to restrict the scope and intuitive power of the person, the way they go about this will often cause collateral damage and will reach into other functions that impinge on sensory processing and awareness, much in the same way they restrict the ability to tune into the intuitive gateway. That is what causes the disconnect and isolation seen by observers.

As we have pointed out, this is not a defect of the mind, it is a defect of the body, and how the brain makes its connections and allows a proper interpretation of all sensory input. When the wires are down, so to speak, the individual will be adrift living in a world of their own, much as someone in a coma with a brain unresponsive to consciousness, will not allow them to connect to the normal senses readily nor make the body do things. This is why there is a spectrum of severity because it is not a surgical precision employed to make the alteration, but more akin to a shotgun, and how each person responds will vary. Many are downgraded in this way, but still are within normal limits with respect to cognitive function and other aspects of their physical and emotional capability and appear to be perfectly normal. So this is a tragedy when the impairment is severe, but it is fixable.