DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersWhen a mortician came to remove her friend’s body, he engaged with the practitioner and volunteered to do some energy work, telling her many things about spirituality and metaphysics. She felt the whole thing was very strange to be taking place while the body was waiting to be removed, but felt better after he removed the ball of fear from her stomach. Why did he engage with her in this way? What was behind it?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

As you saw intuitively, this was a divine intervention to do an outreach on her behalf to help her feel better under this most difficult of circumstances. We impulsed the mortician to speak out about her emotional and energetic state, to offer a calming gesture of concern, and engage with her with an inner desire to do some healing on the spot. As she was open to this and let it take place, he was quite happy to oblige in following the divine impulse. So this was, in effect, a pat on the back from us to reward her for a job well done, and an act of loving kindness that will register for all time and be of great benefit to her friend especially.