DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWhen does the soul enter the fetus and is there a heavy karmic debt attached to abortion, as a very negative choice?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The soul is connected energetically to the fetus from the very beginning. There is an agreement on a soul level for that individual to come down into that setting and this agreement is made by the family unit and all its members. This people are often surprised and equally often disappointed to hear. Many are in a state of discord with their relatives and family, this is karma in action. It comes from past lifetime difficulties and struggles. But this is a big part of how people choose their family. So from the very beginning, there is an agreement being made with the new soul to come in, and agreed to by both parents, as well as any existing siblings. Once that agreement is made, the energetic connection is in place for the embryo and the soul to inhabit that being. They are not fully ensconced at that early stage, this comes actually much later, but there is a part of the incoming soul that takes up occupancy along the way in gestation. And this is an early connection to begin the acclimation process of adjusting to the energies of the new habitat within the womb, as well as the energy of family members impinging mostly on the mother, and then indirectly to the incoming soul. This is all an intuitive perception. It is not a neurological orchestration of energies within the fetus. So it is later in the pregnancy at the so‑called time of quickening that there is a more formal and thorough integration of soul within the body, and in fact, this is not completed until after birth has happened. And at the time of the first breath, the final deposition of soul elements is then decided and put into place. All during that period, there is a state of incompletion of soul connection. It is in process and in preparation, but is phased in over time. When the pregnancy is interrupted, that can be for many, many reasons. It is often the case that abortion is decided on in response to a decision made by the incoming soul to change their mind, so to speak, and depart.

And so the host mother within her own being understands the pregnancy is of no avail and may make a determination to end the pregnancy accordingly. When you ask about abortion and its consequences these are on many levels, but consider in the discussion that it may only be some housekeeping to take care of unwanted and unneeded tissue, and have no moral implications, nor karmic implications whatsoever. There may be consequences coming from societal judgment or self‑judgment on the part of the mother if they believe the teachings they have committed a sin and wrongdoing, and taken a life, and will be judged for that and perhaps condemned, have a fiery tour in eternity in a hellish place. These are false teachings. The divine never judges nor punishes people for anything. It is people who punish themselves and their actions will return to them in some form to be rebalanced and this too is a kind of punishment, but is self-created in the act of wrongdoing. We do not see abortion, per se, as wrongdoing in the sense it serves the person in some way. And all things are allowed, including self-preservation in a physical as well as emotional sense. There are many people not prepared physically or emotionally to be a parent and if they decide to end an unwanted pregnancy that is by far the lesser of evils, so to speak. For not only would they suffer, but the incoming being would suffer greatly as well in being in an unwanted home with an unsuitable parent.

To say, by virtue of making abortion unthinkable and a criminal act, is to condemn all such situations to a greater crime, in increasing the suffering of the consequence of the decision for multiple individuals. Because you have then not only harmed an incoming soul by putting it into an impossible situation, in not being loved and nurtured appropriately, their lineage in having future lives as parent will be consequently altered for the worse because the scars of the wounds will not have been adequate to cover this over. And the wound will be open and will be throbbing and the individual will raise children of their own, likely in an inadequate fashion. And the harm from having brought that life into being under the worst of circumstances will continue into the future with multiple generations of wounded souls. This can be nipped in the bud through a timely ending of the pregnancy that is unwanted. To say that is a great sin fails to consider the alternatives in its fullest projection. So the taking of a life has consequences always, but they need not be bad consequences. They may, in fact, be neutral consequences, which are always acceptable. And then positive consequences would be preferable, and a neutral consequence would be far preferable to causing harm that ruins the life of the mother, and the partner if there is one, and the life of that child. We would not recommend judging anyone for any reason who seeks this answer for themselves.

The greyest of areas is in the late-term abortion or the partial-birth abortion, which is a frank act of killing. That will be perceived consciously and will be perceived as being murdered by the soul presence. This will have karmic consequences, to be sure, that will not be pleasant for those carrying out these acts. The preferable alternative in those circumstances would be to bear the child and give it up for adoption with the intention that the baby finds a suitable home where it will be loved and nourished and cared for. It may well be that the incoming soul was aware that would happen, and has come in to have that experience, which may serve a soul purpose of some kind for growth and learning. To end that possibility through an act of killing will thwart the efforts made to bring about the circumstances leading up to that event and will derail the progress of that soul on its journey. That will have karmic consequences as well. The sweeping statements are inappropriate here about abortion itself as there are so many individual circumstances and situations that must be looked at carefully with an eye toward the biggest of pictures because you are in a big picture reality and the consequences of everything you do impinge on the entirety of the universe as well as an infinite future for each and every person. An act of thoughtlessness that harms another or the self, will have to be repaired and redone, revisited, re-experienced, re-tried, and repurposed in a way to right the wrongs. Each and every one, each and every aspect, for each and every person touched by what happens.

This includes the abortionist as well, to the extent they participate in workman-like fashion as a routine exercise, called upon to carry out a procedure and do so with no thought, maintaining a professional detachment, nonetheless has a karmic role in what happens, all of it. They will not be off the hook either. If there is true harm done, which is not certain, but if it happens, they will bear karmic responsibility in some measure. So no one escapes the reach of karma. So these are just some things to consider, but we certainly would not outlaw abortion, we would strenuously caution people to do this early along and not at the final stages of pregnancy, and have much greater restriction on what is possible. If there is true danger to life of the mother then we would favor saving the mother’s life because she was here first and she has a right to the continuation of her life in service to herself and her own soul, and to not make a sacrifice for an incoming being who will have other opportunities and can go elsewhere.

This is the opposite of many teachings, we appreciate, and that is because of the inversion of thinking that the newest, youngest life has the most to live for and therefore needs to be favored over the older person who has had some years and may have to rest with that, but the new life would take precedent. And of course, that all came about through viewing with a judgmental eye, women pregnant under difficult circumstances, viewed as immoral and so forth. And that was very much a part of the thinking as well and they used that rationalization but with an inner impulse to punish the mother alongside. We would say all have standing but everyone is entitled to their life. So we see nothing wrong with the mother continuing with her life and serving herself as best she can as a priority. After all, it is her soul that got her here and she is as deserving as anyone else and she does have precedence.