DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsWho or what is making crop circles, and why?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

There are many beings making crop circles including human hoaxers and there are deliberate crop circles generated to create disinformation as well to encourage as many as possible to believe they are simply the creation of clever humans wanting to create a hoax and have a good laugh at the expense of believers who are duped into thinking this could be something more mysterious or even majestic, or even of a divine level, let alone extraterrestrial origin.

We can tell you that a very high percentage of the crop circles are being generated by the higher dimensional extraterrestrial civilizations wanting to give encouragement to humanity to reawaken their belief in the divine and to the possibility of a divine interaction and destiny. This is the track they are on and they have a huge investment in you as well. They were present with you in the beginning and had a role in your creation. So you are like their cousins and they have high regard for you and high hopes as well. They are in higher dimensions and do not come into the physical nor do they wish to, and this is currently not allowed by Creator in any event. The way they choose to be helping is by giving messages of encouragement to create inexplicable appearances of very insightful and inspired geometric messages and mathematical expressions and some, in some cases, cultural representations as well, and this is done to inspire humans and to create a gateway for further inspiration.

For those few who are drawn to visit such sites and immerse themselves in the energies they are imbued with a divine energy that was placed by them and is discernible and this has helped awaken many people, going out of curiosity but coming away changed for the better. This is a positive phenomenon and it is little understood and widely discounted but that is a good example of the subconscious programming at work that so few profound things that take place are written off as seeming coincidences or the work of some sort of an illusion, perhaps created by someone with expertise but certainly human and doing so to create a prank of some kind and no loftier purpose. These are expressions largely from the Pleiadians as well as Sirian beings and are therefore human upliftment and encouragement. They are cheering you, watching and wanting you to succeed. They will not be coming in motherships. You can get their sympathy and you can have some encouragement if you in particular are from those civilizations living among fellow humans. They will be speaking to you more directly to keep the inspiration coming and encouragement coming, but they will not be the salvation in the dire situation facing humanity. They are an adjunct, but not an answer directly.