DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Why are some people able to escape from the Secret Space Program even when they have been used for very dark purposes?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago
These are largely the result of divine intervention to begin to lift the suppression sufficiently for them to become aware of their history and then they find a way to change direction and they escape, from having a kind of encouragement from within to take the needed steps to remove themselves from the proximity to their go-betweens, and to head in a new direction. Many times such individuals do not have conscious awareness of their clandestine work to begin with, and again this is a kind of built-in insurance that renders their program impervious to outside detection when it works perfectly. So even when people are out and about and off the leash, so to speak, they have no conscious awareness they are part of something larger that is actually sinister, so they are not at risk of becoming a threat to the secret program itself. They also know that some individuals have escaped on their own and regained awareness of things so there is an effort to keep all knowledge and memory suppressed as a working process, as a safeguard, so such individuals can be essentially switched on and off with regard to level of awareness, and when not on duty will be switched off and then have no awareness that activity has been a major part of their life and have no reason to begin to question anything, let alone to flee. So this creates inherent control and maintains the secrets for the most part. When people do drift away unexpectedly, this poses a problem but is often dealt with through elimination or reacquisition of the person for another round of intensive re-programming which is usually quite successful. So they may escape only for a time, only to be reeled back in, so to speak.