DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingWhy have so many people developed Sleep Apnea, and what are the true causes?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is on the increase because spirit manipulation is on the increase. Not only for that vast majority of human beings afflicted with this scourge, the influence of the spirits is growing because of the increasing disempowerment of people in turning away from the Divine to an increasing extent, through the growing secularization of society, and the waning belief of the religious in the ability of the divine realm to set things right. The extraterrestrial, negative influence, is increasing as well. And this is facilitating a greater degree of infestation of dark spirits, as well as the intensity of focus they bring to bear, to increase their effectiveness in demeaning and causing all sorts of difficulties for their victims.

The sleep apnea is an attempt by the spirits to interfere with human functioning. They do this in many ways, and for multiple purposes. They are always seeing what they can do to interfere with thoughts, to interfere with feelings, and to interfere with bodily functions. It is learning, and sport for them, to see if they can extend their reach. Each new human subject serves as a new guinea pig, in a sense, to learn about human differences, and how best to exploit them to their advantage, to cause trouble, and in turn, generate the negativity they feed from. In needing energy for their own survival, and working against love and light, they consider it a win, when they can impair a person and cause trouble.

There are many physical afflictions they produce on a regular basis, and that is because the particular human they inhabit has a certain liability. And then they will exploit this to bring about symptoms of all kinds. This can simply be distressing, it can also interfere with productivity and health. This serves them, as well, because it will drag the person down, and cause much greater emotional negativity. And this is their goal, they do not think about the consequences for the person, longer term.

It is not in their best interest to kill their host, but this can happen with a sufficient frenzy to squeeze the last bit of energy they can from a person, through tormenting them. They are aware they can go elsewhere. This has become more of a challenge to them than in the past, but is not the major worry. So, the interference both with breathing and sleep bring negativity into the person’s experience and drag them down. This is a kind of disempowerment, through wear and tear, so to speak. And they do this in many different ways.