DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsWhy is it that males are 5 times more likely to develop Autism than females?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

This is a combination of factors, and you posed some of the potential relationships in the discussion you had recently. There, in fact, are some characteristics of the utilization of genes located on the Y chromosome that are particularly vulnerable to alteration using the technology in play that the Extraterrestrial Alliance applies for the DNA downgrade of human infants. So your first answer was intuitively guided and is the most common explanation for why the alteration is more damaging for males than females. The precise changes in how they pertain to particular events in the workings of the mind, as they relate to cognitive function, cannot be detailed readily through lack of appropriate terminology and deeper understanding of energy. But this is the most direct answer to the question, keeping in mind that this phenomenon is a side effect of the process and not the primary goal intended.

It is a side effect but also one that is not undesired. It is, in a sense, a bonus for the Extraterrestrial Alliance when they can further drag down a human via this manipulation and have learned it is taken in stride, and assumed to be a genetic defect of some kind showing a developmental problem, perhaps caused by an environmental insult of some kind, but something that is a known hazard of young people and although mysterious, not thought of as sinister, and coming from outside agents deliberately intending to undermine the young.

This is not the only cause, as females can be afflicted, and it is simply a different set of genes that are involved in those cases. There are many changes that result from this downgrade in the genome. So this is the reason for there being a wide array of consequences that are perceived in different settings and circumstances, and not always tied together to this specific diagnosis, as they can be quite mild. And even being not apparent because they are largely confined to the intuitive gateway, which is not missed by people, as there is no mainstream awareness and acceptance of its importance, so there are no attempts made to explore the capability of a person and assess their status.