DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionWhy is this delisting of people from Internet access happening more and more, particularly those with certain ideological beliefs, what are the dangers, and where will this lead?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is very much in keeping with the current program and planning for ever greater stress and chaos generation within society, across the globe. The interlopers are applying pressure on every resource, every institution, and every human function, to undermine, to degrade, to contaminate, to manipulate, to constrain, to oppose, to threaten, to undermine, and to destroy everything within their reach. They do this in a myriad of ways that range from being quite clever to quite crude, but still effective because they are unseen or unappreciated by a gullible public who is mind-control manipulated to give dark doings a prosaic explanation, to be complacent, and not stirred into action in the face of wrongdoing and illogical destructive decision-making, but simply to shrug and turn the other way and go back to their personal lives and the details of daily living, and not see the implications, let alone mount an organized complaint.

This complacency is part of the one-two punch being delivered across the board through all of the human institutions, and the officialdom who make poor plans and decisions. It is in part a game, and in part deadly serious, because the intention is the continued erosion of human effectiveness, and a continued weakening, leading to their annihilation. So, you are in the softening-up phase. The extent to which they can manipulate thought, directly, is supported as well by constraining the media to not consider the thoughts of people capable of questioning the established order. The intensification of political ideology, to the point of causing displays of hatred and threats of violence, are not only bizarre in their extreme nature and inappropriateness, but are seen by most people as simply the way the world is, and it is not questioned in a deeper way, nor the potential consequences over the long term, to have such things ongoing and worsening over time.

People do not think about the future, and extrapolate from the present, and ask serious questions about where this will lead, and what will the world be like at that point, what will you have lost, and how bad might it be, let alone what it might mean to you personally. This is a combination of misdirection and manipulation through inner mind‑control. One of the reasons it works so well is the very extreme nature of the constraint being applied, while at the same time, allowing some individuals to seemingly run wild and make the most outlandish pronouncements and accusations, based on no visible evidence, and to be supported by multiple news outlets who simply accept the theories and explanations given without supporting evidence, and promoting them as well, as though they are true and to be expected. All are aiding and abetting a giant distraction.

Most of the programming in the media does not address things of fundamental importance—but political gamesmanship, jockeying for position, questioning of reputations, potential illegalities, and mischievous doings, with talk of collusion and conspiracy and so on. This becomes quite tantalizing, and served a steady diet, people get their fill of so-called news and assume, wrongly, there is not much else to be thinking about of importance and pay little attention to what their government is truly doing. And this is a large error, but deliberately orchestrated, because it serves the interlopers who control things, to have society dysfunctional from its very foundation. But yet, the people are kept in the dark, and themselves are still asleep and unquestioning.

It is a highly effective management technique to give the illusion of freedom, as people certainly must have free will if they can run riot and get away with it, say the most outlandish things against government agencies, and even the President of the United States, and not be attacked or penalized. So it is a free country, after all, and people feel safe even though everyone is acting crazy. At least that is better than mindless marching in lockstep under a tyrant, demanding conformity of ideas and behavior.

The illusion is complete by using chaos to engineer uniformity and conformity, both, without this being perceived. That is the great loss from constraining free-speech, because the few with vision who can see above the fog, can be so easily silenced. And this will be met with not only acceptance, but glee by those following the puppet masters, being under their control.