DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsCan you tell us what truly happened with my client [name withheld] when she was desperately lonely and missing her mother who died young, and asked Creator for a sign she at least was being heard, and felt something move the bed, as if someone sat down beside her?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This, in fact, was a visitation by the mother, who was granted permission to come back into the earth plane to give her daughter encouragement. This was a true healing outreach, in all respects, because the level of the daughter’s despair about her life, which was very, very tragic, has left her in a state of depletion and near giving up hope altogether, having been quite dependent on her mother as the only person who ever treated her with any respect or love. Her mother, especially because she died at a young age, leaving her daughter to fend for herself, had a dual purpose for the visit. First and foremost, to reassure the daughter that her prayers are heard, and Creator is listening and that, indeed, miracles can happen. And then, secondly, to be the instrument for this purpose, as a way to give it a special branding of great personal significance, and also, by participating personally, create some level of repayment for leaving her daughter to fend for herself and being unavailable to her, as well as having prior deficiencies because of personal problems, making it impossible for her, many times, to be available to the daughter, to be nurturing, and counter the many adversaries bullying her. By dying young, she truly left a mess behind and the visit was intended to help rebalance that. It is a beautiful illustration of the divine in action and how there is often a win-win-win for the one visited, the light being making the journey, and Creator who truly delights in seeing the offerings of love that come about in this way.