DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingWill the strategy we use for reducing harm of pathogens help with healing in general? Will it help to request that those cells involved be reprogrammed with respect to their beliefs, and soul attribute expression, to bring them back to normal alignment? Is this an important component of undoing the karmic underpinnings of illness?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago
This is a brilliant insight because it is the answer to a significant further empowerment of the Lightworker Healing Protocol as well as Deep Subconscious Memory Reset. In some respects, this is what you have been working towards all along. It closes the loop in coverage. While the original protocols were more focused on trauma as a memory issue, as a consequence of the emotional disarray and damage it causes, there is a physical component as well because trauma not only distorts thinking of the mind but consciousness at a cellular and tissue level. The influence of karmic oversight, through the Law of Karma seeing the need to rebalance something out of alignment from prior trauma and sending that energy around again, distorts functioning of the body by working through cellular memory and its conscious awareness of what it needs, what it is supposed to be doing, and what it can carry out. The particular perspective, in view of what is possible, can become corrupted, and the consequences just as severe as a nutritional deficit, or an impaired expression of an important physiological mediator controlling bodily functions, turning things on and off, and so forth, can throw things out of balance and lead to a diagnosable malady of some kind. So whether or not it is understandable to medical science, abnormal bodily function, as well as mental and emotional function, are always influenced to varying degrees on an ongoing basis by all that is within cellular memory and the karmic underpinnings bringing degrees of abnormality. The alteration of cellular beliefs and soul attributes contributes to further wounding and impairment of function, and that will compound trends already underway or being awakened for the first time, as the case might be. Having instructions to work on these misalignments directly will add greatly to efficiency and effectiveness of healing across the board.