DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingWould healing of a baby in utero be enhanced by doing a subconscious channeling of the baby, and if so, what stage of pregnancy would be optimal for this to be done?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

This can be done virtually at any stage because the soul is always accessible. You can channel the soul directly. You can channel the higher self of the incoming person, and so you can channel the baby in utero as well, and that portion of its consciousness that is forming. It will usually be a composite of awareness from the infant level and higher, but it will take into account what the baby in utero is experiencing and responding to and may have issues or concerns about.

When you talk with the infant at a higher level, you will be able to access high-level insight about reasons for difficulty. The subconscious channeling will be of direct applicability to the baby in utero who is mulling over past lifetime issues and responding to, yet again, being in the dark arena of human plane and may be having second thoughts. The reason for such negativity, of course, is that past lifetimes are being recalled and the energy of the family and their issues starts to impinge as well, and the baby in utero begins to react more and more strongly to the negative energies swirling about and feeling the impact of the challenge ahead. A subconscious channeling can be very, very, helpful to resolve much past trauma to help things proceed calmly, and this will set the scene for an easy labor and delivery, and will help the baby start life on a level playing field, and this will affect all that happens subsequently for the better.

The subconscious channeling during pregnancy is a perfect time to begin to heal what might be manifesting within the body of the baby as a consequence of past karma. This would include the genetic predisposition to have problems, or anything that has intruded energetically to cause some difficulty and the subsequent abnormality within the tissues. So this would be a very, very, worthwhile undertaking. The ideal world would see a time when all are cared for in this way from conception forward, with regular counseling and dialogue ongoing to see what is brewing and to bring in solutions to help the baby cope with stress and to begin the process of repairing any past issues that may already start to rumble in utero. And this will confer many positive benefits.