DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingWould it benefit the Lightworker Healing Protocol to include additional, more narrowly focused questions for daily subconscious channeling by the spirit team, such as: “When you think about the issue of school or career…when you think about the issue of your relationships…when you think about your health issues…when you think about the issue for security?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

These could be of great value to add to the list, and so this can always be acted on, or not, with the discretion of the divine realm when conducting any particular session. Keep in mind that while you may be working in the dark, not knowing in advance what most troubles a person, especially when something may arise in the future when you are not interacting with the person directly any longer, the divine realm will know intuitively the status of the individual and all of the issues facing them as well as the underpinnings. What they lack is the charter to address anything in particular without having a request coming from the human side. So as the surrogate for the client, if you make a series of open-ended as well as categorical requests of this kind, the divine realm can scan the questions to see what most likely has the best fit for the current dilemma, and also to achieve a balance so there is attention paid to all categories of need over a period of time.

And this is truly serving the client in the highest and best way, to not constrain the divine realm to only work on the current problem that is known and seems most urgent at the moment, but to also include a wide array of other possibilities to cover the ongoing span of time until their eventual transition. This is not creating a state of overreaching or adding an undue burden to the healing forces. They can readily work with an extensive list of possibilities to select from, as are needed, to obtain the most from any particular round of healing.