DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWould subconscious channeling be helpful for the McDowell triplets as well? Do they share identical karma such that working on one to resolve karmic trauma would help the others indirectly, or would each of the triplets need individual trauma resolution sessions?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is an interesting question, indeed. First of all, subconscious channeling would be very, very helpful, as is always true of deep karmic issues. Most of the time, the problem is within the deep subconscious to begin with and its awareness of what is in the akashic records contributing the conflict the client struggles with. So doing something at the conscious level will not begin to deal with the issue and bring relief. In the case of these triplets, they share the same soul, but each individually has a subconscious and the damage is done when their own deep subconscious mind sees its history. That has already taken place, so to go and work with one would help its individual subconscious to right the wrongs of history and begin to change the akashic records but, in effect, the creation of the triplets will create three parallel tracks within the akashic records—one for each of the siblings that are identical.

If you think about this, the logic is apparent. There needs to be a way to track the individual experiences, because one could do many loving acts of kindness and humanitarian work but another may get off track, for example, through spirit meddler possession and take a darker path and end up incurring many, many deep karmic wounds. There needs to be a way within the akashic records to segregate the individual experiences and choices made by these individuals who have an identical genetic endowment and soul complement, but what they do with their own consciousness must be registered to them as an extension of the soul, so this does create some complexity in how things are organized and ultimately reconciled.

So these individual beings now would need to have individual session work to address whatever their deep subconscious has seen and concluded from its review of the akashic records, to start from scratch for each one because each one has inherited the singular precursor record keeping of their forebear. The division into three parallel tracks within the akashic records commenced with the connection to the embryos in the womb and from that point, each one has, in effect, been functioning as a separate individual with respect to all interactions with the akashic records.