DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsWould you comment on the accuracy and true source of Jane Roberts’ “Seth” books, especially The Unknown Reality, Volumes 1 & 2?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Unfortunately, as you have been told before, the “Seth” books are nonauthentic, they are true channeled material but not by a divine level being nor for a lofty purpose. Roberts herself was a spiritual person and was focused on doing good but, unfortunately, did not appreciate the hazards of channeling and was co-opted early on by an imposter who readily stepped forward to serve her needs and supply information and feedback as she would ask questions about various things of interest.

This is how relationships get going and can end tragically as the association will deepen just as with human companions. The more time they spend together, the deeper the feelings become and the greater the bond. When this is between a human and an extraterrestrial psychic, it can be quite intense from the human side but is all work and handholding from the extraterrestrial side, but they do apply themselves with intelligence and dedication to get it right, to be scrupulous, and to create the impression they are a selfless being only wanting to serve and provide benefit to the human contacting them.

So they will be ever so helpful and can be quite eloquent in conveying spiritual truths of many kinds but eventually the material will wear thin and will be seen by those privy to higher level knowledge truly from the divine, that there are gaps in understanding, gaps in coverage, limitations in the scope, in the breadth of what is being offered, and these will be meaningful lapses because a true understanding of the divine is not possible by these extraterrestrials. They know what they learn from humans and the human perspectives about it, but so little true divine and authentic information has come through unscathed by interference, that what is drawn on from the archives of the extraterrestrials is fairly limited to begin with. It is often the product of earlier eras that were less sophisticated, less demanding, less insightful, and so they will fall short in attempting to serve a modern audience other than the fact they may sound good and fit within the expected arena of sweetness and light, handholding, and encouragement. This is what the New Age community has come to expect and sees as the gold standard—if it is about love and makes you feel good, it is authentic, is their way of thinking. This is also promoted and cultivated through mind control manipulation and heavily reinforced so no one goes away unsatisfied—this is seen to but is also a distortion and a manipulation.

So, unfortunately, this source cannot be relied on in any respect because the information is incomplete and has many gaps in coverage and was generated from an Anunnaki psychic imposter.