DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsYou told us about prayer: “The communication with any divine level being will be protected and not observed by interlopers,” and that this holds true for reaching out to archangels and higher selves. What then befalls channelers, most of whom want to channel divine beings but are reaching only imposters?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

The issue of channelers in reaching out is that they do not do the outreach in a prayerful fashion, they are doing so to get something directly more as an intellectual exercise than to do so in a healing exercise of some kind. This is often too greatly in service to the ego and while we do not wish to indict anyone as having self-serving motives, meaning a fault in character, there is nothing wrong with accomplishing things and taking pride in the doing, and especially doing something extraordinary. The problem is this is a temptation to indulge in too great an ego gratification and this shifts the energy greatly away from a divine purpose to something self‑serving. This is when the divine must stand back a bit because they cannot contribute to something that has a lower purpose.

There is a distinction between serving the self through prayer for assistance and serving the self through a kind of outreach to gain an advantage in knowing more than other people know, knowing something special, learning things that make oneself special because of the capability bestowed by channeling to do so. Normally when people pray for things, they are not expecting an accounting and a description of the whys and wherefores and how things might proceed, nor to get special insight about the workings of the divine realm and the details behind a dilemma, and so forth, as the channelers seek to learn. It is simply a different kind of interchange with a differing agenda. This changes the energies and also changes the rules when the divine must hang back because something is being requested that may not be allowable, usually because of a lack of readiness, imposters will see the person attempting the outreach and then will step in to answer.

This is most unfortunate, but if we answer an inappropriate outreach, we are already violating our rules and to then give limited information and have it be misinterpreted as the be-all and end‑all, would compound the damage that could result as the channeler would likely misuse the end product in some way or another or it would be misapplied and eventually lead to disappointment, frustration, and life complications when people attempt to act on the information in some way believing they may have the story in hand and all they need to know when such is not the case. So in such situations, we are forced to simply bow out as we cannot take the lead and stop someone and explain their shortcomings unless they are truly wanting an honest assessment of things, but this rarely happens at the outset—people are simply expecting they will either connect or they won’t and do not appreciate the fine points. This is most unfortunate but happens with great frequency. It is the lack of full awareness and preparation of the humans that causes this problem and, of course, all stems from the corruption by the interlopers of long standing to disconnect people from the divine by dimming their intuitive reach.