DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsYou told us recently that connecting to a life between lives via hypnosis is not possible. Yet, in a previous channeling when a viewer asked why those having a life between lives regression do not see themselves being trapped as an earthbound spirit, you said it was because the fact they have incarnated shows they were not trapped in their most recent trip to the light. This supports the validity of their regression sessions. Why the discrepancy?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is not a discrepancy in terms of getting differing divine-level information. The discrepancy is in the knowledge and awareness of the questioners. You, in asking, were attempting to probe whether the life between lives regression is a valid undertaking. The viewer question, about why people don’t experience being earthbound in such sessions even though they tune into their life between lives, is being asked from a quite different perspective. It is from the perspective assuming this is a real phenomenon and that the individuals having the regression work were truly connecting to real events in their past. As you know, we cannot take the lead and direct people in a new way that goes against their existing beliefs. So the fact these individuals believe the phenomena is real and their recollection is a true life between lives experience, we cannot pull the rug out from under them and tell them they are making an error and are being fooled. So we had to answer in the spirit of the question which was truly about the lack of experiencing a time in limbo among the people describing such regression sessions, and so, we simply answer to reflect the reality that those here are people who have not experienced being earthbound recently, because they would’ve had to transition successfully in order to reincarnate and be here in the present.

So this is a good example of how divine realm must walk a very fine line, and help give information but keep it within the rules of engagement to not be leading. So, in this fashion, we in a sense side-stepped the broader issue, and deeper and more meaningful issue, about what such people have experienced with regard to its overall validity. But that was not the intent of the question. It was assuming the experiences were real and valid, but then questioning why nothing different was seen, particularly being earthbound for a time. So we had to stay within the confines of viewer belief and do the best we could. This is routine on the part of the divine realm in answering all who make inquiries, with accuracy. Those few who can channel the true divine will have constraints placed on what is offered to them. So this is not an indication of inaccuracy or an invalid source, it is the divine realm staying within the lines and not overstepping the belief constraints of a human coming to us for guidance.