DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersYou told us the Anunnaki look at the akashic records of their race but do not know they, themselves, lived prior lives, as they are in the dark about the workings of the divine. Yet, despite not believing in a higher power or existence of the soul, they can see in the human akashic records that individual humans have lived before and reincarnate again and again via some mysterious process. How can they be more astute about human makeup and prior existence than their own?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This does seem paradoxical and unlikely, but we can tell you it is a combination of factors. Partly it is their arrogance, thinking they, themselves, are unique and above it all. They believe in their own intelligence and that nothing is more important than what their ego is telling them. Given their extremely long-lived timeline, it is harder for them to make associations and see potential links with regard to the akashic records and their reflection of prior extraterrestrial incarnations. So they do not agonize over this but have come to believe in human reincarnation because they can see more directly the carryover of individual makeup and talents, and often a renewed and consistent agenda that is quite specific. This is because of the short time span, relatively speaking, of human life. The lives are, typically, fairly uncomplicated so it is easy to look at them as a sequence and note the emergence of similar patterns of behavior and the manifestation of similar circumstances, tendencies, talents, and life choices. The other aspect that makes humans different is the foreknowledge leading to, many times, a kind of agenda and mission that will be adhered to with the cooperation and guidance from the higher self. And as humans are relatively fresh from the light because of their short lifespan, will be much more likely to be productive in the way of seeing to karmic energies and the return of cycles of difficulty as well as achievements, whereas, the extraterrestrials are much less organized about things. They are simply reactive in the moment and live for the moment and are quite intent on domination through making things happen and are not inclined to leave this to chance. So in a sense, there is more uniformity of lifestyles, attitudes, and personalities, because all have in common a strong desire and keen motivation to dominate others and to achieve a position of prominence in the hierarchy. So in a sense, all are involved with the war against one another, jockeying for position, and in that sense are much more alike than individuals representing a wide variety of distinguishing characteristics. So it is a failure of logic and absence of intuitive reach to make them blind to the reality of their origin.