DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsA client reported strange occurrences following our Protocol session on their property: Her husband closed the closet doors that evening, but they were wide open the next morning. Her Internet went out, and something tripped the 13th circuit breaker mysteriously. What caused these anomalies?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This was an interesting juxtaposition of energies. There was an outgoing crew that created a kind of vacuum for an incoming crew to take up residence. This is not unusual because there are many claims and counterclaims by such energies wanting to stake out a territory if they have the wherewithal, and to defend it with respect to any interlopers. So the lower astral plane is a kind of rough-and-tumble place with many hazards. Anything that gives a safe harbor will be sought and will be exploited as well. These phenomena are the product of a human earthbound spirit who is seeing your light and wanting to be noticed. It is dimly aware of its plight and seeking an answer in the only way it can, through trying to get your attention believing that somehow it might help. This, in fact, is being encouraged and orchestrated via the higher self of that earthbound spirit, to suggest things to do to get your attention, because the higher self knows you will notice and will want to follow up and that this will likely lead to a rescue for this hapless individual. And that is certainly the case, as your channel will go to work now and bring in healing. This will turn out in the end to be a beautiful collaboration between humans, the divine realm, and a lost soul spirit caught in between, needing rescue.