DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit PossessionA 10-year-old girl in Waukegan, IL, was locked in her basement by her parents who believed she was possessed. What truly happened here that would help us to understand?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is simply a case of mental imbalance caused by spirit meddler infestation. The erratic nature of the girl and her personality and her anger towards her parents has stirred up great fear within them, and because of their religious beliefs have grown to fear their daughter and sought a way to contain her to protect themselves, knowing they will not be believed by the mainstream society. And so this is an interesting example of how people perceive reality quite accurately at times through their own intuitive awareness, but then society in its arrogance, dismissing paranormal phenomena, for example, will completely misunderstand the plight of individuals being tormented by dark beings and tipped into madness as a consequence, when all sorts of deviant behavior and even criminal conduct can be triggered by the possessing spirits when they gain sufficient control of their host. This is the danger posed by letting the problem fester. In most cases, spirits are on board these individuals from infancy onward, and the power grows over the years in their ability to manipulate their host and cause problems. Were this girl cleared years ago, this would never have happened. This same situation plays out across the globe again and again and again, not in this precise way, not necessarily with harsh punishment befalling the tormented possessed individuals, but their lives will never be the same and those around them will suffer greatly in seeing them struggle and sometimes being harmed by those possessed and tipped into dramatic negative actions.