DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsA client asks: “Creator has stated as part of a previous channeling that with regard to divine light beings … “They have varying means of expression and talents for communication, and so on, which are soul attributes …” And I believe that Creator has also mentioned (although I’m paraphrasing) that each soul has an alignment with a particular gender, race, etc. In light of this – with which ‘gender’ and ‘race of being’ does my soul/soul extension most strongly identify with or comprise?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago
You are female but your soul does not resonate strongly with a particular race of human beings. Keep in mind that the human racial groupings are a chance, an artificial construct done through genetic manipulation over the years by extraterrestrials manipulating the human genome. So all but the dark-skinned people are more removed from native genetics with respect to the original cohort of human beings. That too has little to do with the soul directly, because the makeup of the physical human body is a construct of convenience in order to exist in the physical environment as a learning opportunity. So this is not meant to be a configuration for all time but only as an initial starting point and a temporary home with the much broader experience to be that of a light being, not only in between incarnations but to be launched into higher vibrational realms where your ultimate destiny lies. The gender will still apply and will be a characteristic thread running throughout your many lifetimes to come, as your soul is truly immortal. You will have adventures in other gender expressions for learning purposes and this is fairly common as it adds to growth and understanding. There is nothing like experiencing something firsthand to appreciate what it represents and its challenges. This way, all can learn from the way others live who may be more suited but, as you know, gender disparities are common as a result of further manipulation by the interlopers creating negative karma and that can lead to gender expression that is a poor match to the biology in a particular incarnation, so this again is a learning opportunity. You were created as a female and this is where you are most comfortable and most natural in your preferences.