DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsA client asks: “What are “my” soul’s attributes and strengths with regard to communication and will knowing this help me to hone/maximize my skills with regard to being able to communicate with and ‘receive’ communication from the Divine?”
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago

Like all other humans, you are part of a group intended to be in direct communication with Creator always, regardless of where you might be and why. It is only a quirk of fortune that you are a physical human preyed upon by extraterrestrial interlopers who degraded your ability to connect with the divine realm intuitively, as we have explained. So this is not a failing nor a lack within your soul or its expression, it is a surface characteristic impinging on your current life experience because it is a defect of the body containing you as an extension of your soul. So it is faulty equipment and nothing more. That is not to say it is without practical consequences and you yearn for having a higher reach for that is what you are used to. But this can be worked on, as we have shared with you and, in any event, your current circumstances are but a short-term way station to much better times and experiences in the future. Once the human dilemma is solved once and for all, you will be back on track and the growth will be much more rapid and rewarding, so the struggles you have in the current life will be only a memory and will not be regretted.