DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorA client asks: “I believe I had a moment (several years ago now) where I was given a momentary ‘gift’ from the Divine … I felt like I was overflowing with (and not from the ‘head’ but from the ‘heart’) effortless compassion, kindness, love and I want to say forgiveness … Am I remembering this experience correctly or was it just ‘wishful thinking’ and self-created? And if it was the former, was this a ‘taste’ of God’s enormous capacity for love – and how can I feel and exude that beautiful, effortless love again?”
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

You are not mistaken in your perceptions. This was indeed a taste but only a taste because you vastly under-experience all divine influences as a being in the physical realm. This is seen to by the interlopers who have downgraded human capability to sense the influence of things coming from the higher realm as well as your intuitive reach altogether to experience things through non‑local consciousness. In addition, we cannot do much more than give you a sense of our existence because to do much more would be outsized and would, in a sense, be leading through creating such an overwhelming influence as to override any lingering doubts you might possess.

Under the rules of engagement, we are simply not allowed to do that so we will rarely do anything that appears to the observer or experiencer as larger than life. In other words, to create an emotional experience beyond what has been felt in other circumstances or occasions. This is not to diminish the meaning and significance of the divine nor the love power we possess and can bring to bear on any dilemma if it is appropriate to do so. You can know that you are on the right track here and that your feelings and awareness were spot on in seeing the truth of things, that God is within you at all times and you can feel the influence of the divine should you wish for this to happen and summon it forth in particular. We cannot do this arbitrarily nor do it on command as a kind of parlor trick to continue to prove our existence, for example, but you can be confident we are there for you and will continue to be of help and assistance all life long should you want that to happen and request it.