DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesA client asks: “I think much of my concern with and empathy for the pain and suffering of others is because I endured excruciating, unrelenting, untreatable pain for an extended period of time – and I almost didn’t survive it or, at the very least, not want to survive it. It makes me catch my breath, even now, just thinking about it and I still struggle with some level of (eye) pain on many or most days. And to be honest, I know that so many others are going through much, much, much worse than me so my heart literally aches for them. I do believe that the LHP is a brilliant (and likely the only) pathway to true deep healing. However, as has been stated, it can take a long time to take effect and may not even take effect in this lifetime – so for those in serious pain – this is something I just don’t know how to accept. So, in addition to the LHP, what is/are the BEST (if any) healing or other strategies that can also be utilized to bring about immediate cessation (or at least significant reduction) in pain and suffering?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

There are many expedients that have been discovered and embraced by humans through the centuries. You know of many of these. That is not to say they are an ultimate answer but almost uniformly an adjunct, a temporary band-aid to ease suffering and provide a modicum of protection during a time of natural healing that, in some cases, will right the wrongs and allow a person to recover and return to normal function. There are natural painkillers present in nature that have been exploited and turned into pharmaceutical agents in pure form. These have potential liabilities as well because it is the nature of using chemicals to modify the effects of conscious awareness. There are many downsides and potential side effects as well and outright dangers, in some cases, through overdose and misapplication.

For the emotional suffering, there are no true shortcuts other than to dull the senses to give a period of relief, a time out, so to speak, from anesthetizing the mind through alcohol or narcotics to make a person insensate or complacent because they are simply feeling no pain, so to speak, because they are flooded with feel-good chemicals for a time. This too is not a long-term solution because it will have adverse consequences eventually through repetition at too close an interval. If the world could offer such magic solutions, there would be fortunes made, to be sure, and the advent of such a wonderful utilitarian solution would be embraced and would spread like wildfire. There are many things of varying levels of benefit that can be explored but we must leave this to human ingenuity and trial and error as a part of the divine experiment for humans to rule their world and make their own choices for learning and growth.

Each person’s struggle is different so there is no one size fits all answer for something as broad as pain or suffering. It takes many forms and is felt in different ways and for differing reasons. The palliative for one person might exacerbate the pain or suffering of another individual because their difficulty works differently, has a different origin, and is experienced in a different way, and so this is a complex arena. The best and most long-lasting benefit is deep karmic repair done via the divine realm. This is the purpose of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. Beyond that, for those areas where human choices are self-inflicted, it can be daunting for the divine realm to override the choices to suffer that many have created through ignorance and unawareness of their inner fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs they have formed inevitably from having so much suffering. But once people conclude there is no hope, this literally blocks divine intervention because we cannot override the human choice to suffer done through ignorance or absence of the ability to form a logical conclusion, in extreme cases, even though they work against the interests of the individual.

Whether misguided or not, human free will must be honored. The only exception is when we are invited to come in and assist the person in reaching a solution. Then we have some leverage to work with, to shift the inner fears and doubts, and even to do Belief Replacement of the negative beliefs that so limit human healing and progress. So there is a dynamic interaction that is possible but not guaranteed. There are many variables in the consequences of the rules of engagement that will govern to what extent, when, where, and to what degree and how quickly, divine assistance can be rendered and how effective the end result might turn out within a given lifetime. We have gone on record previously that it will take two generations for humanity to heal from the hundreds of lifetimes most have experienced, and incurred heavy trauma during their tenure, all of which is piled on top of a growing accumulation of trauma that has received precious little healing through the ages because people have not been taught heretofore how to heal effectively through the divine realm. This is the purpose of the Get Wisdom enterprise, to provide the teaching and point the way to a turnabout that will be the first time in history resulting in a change in the future potential truly for the better.