DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessA client asks: “I want to share with you my intense dream. Last night, I dreamed about the former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Although there happened several things in the dream, one thing stood out. I was with her in her room. There was a small pool of blood on the bed but I didn’t tell her. At one point, she sat on the blood. I began cleaning the blood on her clothes with a towel. And then I looked at her and said: “We are all light beings.” She kept looking at me with an intense look. It seems like those words did something to her but at the same time, she kept her distance. Was this dream pure imagination of my own mind or was there more to it? It felt very real, especially her eyes and the way she looked at me. Why did I dream this?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is a recreation in the dream state of a prior lifetime existence involved in assisting a royal figure and were there to help attend to her and comfort her, and this was a time of increasing anguish. You were wanting to deflect, to help her cope with the developing dangerous situation. In the dream, you were seeing the true spiritual nature of all human beings and this is a mixing of your inner knowing, your keen awareness of your spiritual core, and blending that with the desire of old in the past circumstances to be nurturing. So this is part fantasy in the recreation but based on a real experience.