DWQA QuestionsCategory: High Level Psychic Attacks, CursesA client asks: “Is there something you and your team can do to clear some, if not all of this negative energy from my right arm, with an emphasis on the right elbow joint to relieve me of the pain, burning, and stiffness please? I understand God cannot give a time as to when all evil will be removed from my life although, I do hope it is very soon. My world is now consumed with the incessant and intense physical pain of my attacker’s evil intentions and innumerable deliberate attempts to incapacitate my right arm by way of mangling it so it is of no further use to me. Often times I wonder, does God value my life at all? If so, why then would He not stop this dangerously evil and mentally unbalanced nemesis from placing me in harm’s way, and repeatedly so?”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

We know it is hard to understand when evil seems to be unopposed and in charge of things because of the suffering it can bring about that renders people helpless, at least for a time. There is much more to the story and what is coming than you know at this point. And it will not seem of consequence to you in the grip of torment you experience, but rules are rules and we cannot circumvent them. In spite of how dreadful this is to go through, there is a larger purpose to it all in honing you and preparing you in growing inner wisdom, to understand in a very deep way, the importance of being in divine alignment and the dangers to all when one drifts away and become selfish in their actions. We can tell you your attacker is sealing his own fate, and all those helping him are doing the same. We do not want to see them suffer any more than we want you to suffer, but be freed from this menace, because suffering is a trap and it can consume a person and make them immobilized and unable to progress at all. That is not what we want to see for you. We do love and cherish you, and that is why we are devoted to working on things even though you have not yet seen all the benefits, but that is coming. In the current paradigm, each person is responsible for their own actions. It is a characteristic of the way things are constructed that the Law of Karma has been modified to delay the consequences of those actions. This is both a test of you as well as a challenge, to evaluate whether humanity as a whole can handle the greater freedom it affords, the greater latitude to be bold, take risks, challenge oneself and even others at times, at the risk of causing harm and having to pay the piper, so to speak, at least sometime in the future if not quickly. That has enticed some, and especially your attackers, to not only overstep the line but do so egregiously. But we cannot jump into the fray and snatch you up and free you from the grip of your tormentor. We are working to heal the energies behind all this, so we are not blocking directly the free will actions but changing who the principles are, from deep within, to make them higher and better, and that is going to solve the problem even though it takes time to do so.