DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA client asks: “My daughter has gone through a massive transformation since this last channeling and I feel it’s for the worse. She has now been saying that she no longer identifies as a gender for the last 6 months, and even expressed being a boy. I believe this is a corruption of her being in this life and her soul identifies more as a male but it’s very hard to deal with something like this, especially if she chooses to go down this path. I’m more worried for her and how difficult life can be for someone like this. Her body is very feminine and I can’t understand why her mind has these thoughts. Is this something like a phase that she can grow out of, or has she fallen out of divine alignment at this point and needs some major healing?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is not a consequence of being out of divine alignment, it is a consequence of greater than normal inner awareness. She is looking at prior existences she has lived as a male and is simply cueing off that as a prediction of her future in the current life when that need not be the case. There is need for further maturation and things will sort themselves out here if she is simply loved and supported and allowed to grow and blossom in her own way. She is not corrupted or being manipulated to develop an abnormality. This is simply how she is finding her way along. She is very precocious and simply sharing inner awarenesses most young people do not have consciously, so such questions do not arise, or if they do, are not discussed because the parents have never shown an openness to such discussion. She knows that you are trustworthy and insightful and looks to you for guidance, so the burden is on you to find a way to handle this with equanimity by continuing to give her loving support and encouragement that she will come into her own and will figure out her life and what is best for her, if she follows her heart.