DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingA client writes about the daughter we are helping: “I believe you are making a difference but the timeline is over years instead of weeks to months. I fight so hard to educate her that engaging in the self-talk is a problem and she just keeps talking to herself no matter what I say (daily she has conversations to herself about other people who don’t exist that I know of, that involve right/wrong). So challenging to keep her engaged in things. Anyway, keep doing your work, it is needed.” What can you tell her about the progress so far, and what to expect in the future?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

From our perspective, there has been tremendous progress with deep internal healing and karmic repair of many adverse events in other lifetimes that have piled on to the difficulties she had in her childhood to make them far more impactful and damaging. The healing underway is helping to right the wrongs that were done and restore her in a meaningful way. It is difficult to make up for lost time, but is a problem felt and experienced by many because the mainstream lacks the tools to understand karma and reach the deep levels of the mind needed to fully resolve trauma events. We see the strengthening underway as continuing with continued work, and this will pay many dividends down the line, as she needs greater maturation and a clearer sense of reality to understand her place and role in life, to prepare her to take responsibility more greatly than she has been able heretofore. We believe she can do this with continued support and encouragement.

We understand it seems painfully slow, but this is for many reasons, primarily the tremendous size of the problem. She is not simply struggling under the burden of the current lifetime and its travails but many lifetimes and all of the tragedies summed together that were left unhealed and represent negativity that has reconnected to her in the current life. This is the working of karma and happens with everyone to a greater or lesser extent. Her instability and slowed development have made it particularly difficult for her to reckon with all of this and give it a healthy outlet so that it could simply dissipate and not be held within to fester and grow in size over time. That preoccupation and chronic state of distress is what is being dealt with through the healing work your channel is doing. It is releasing much stored negativity, and that will be a tremendous blessing with each new session because the backlog is being reduced steadily, and this will free her from the burden she has carried all these years and give her energy to work with to more fully blossom into adulthood. She is receiving divine support and we expect that will continue as long as she is helped to remain free of dark spirit attachments, and that, your channel is seeing to also. There is no reason she cannot continue to improve and grow to become more stable and more productive in her life, and become independent.