DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindA client asks: “So this is what is happening, the intruder that was making black marks on the van paint is gone, but so many others are taking its place—shaking, tapping, voices in my ear just as I’m falling asleep, and scratching the windshield, this time in my field of vision (before this, it was always passenger side, and side windows). It almost seems (does seem) as though when you send a perpetrator to the light for healing, others rise up in very angry protest. Aside from the physical destruction, it is quite annoying to be woken up all the time; my health issues are exacerbated by exhaustion, which of course also makes it harder for me to work. What else do you suggest?” Can you help us understand the source of these new “attacks” and what more we can do to help? Is this due to her imagination, or are there physical human attackers, or spirit sources?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

We told you before that all she was experiencing was truly human attackers. That was because of the vandalism—that, as she describes herself, has ceased. What is happening now with the tappings, the sounds, the scraping noises, is an overkeen expectation of trouble and this she is producing within her own mind. This is a consequence of a long-term life with constant fear taken to quite difficult extremes by physical humans harassing her, following her everywhere, and attacking her in many ways, directly and indirectly, to conduct a kind of reign of terror. It has taken its toll and made her quite vulnerable and oversensitive, and her fears will play havoc on her thoughts.

You can do a further Healing Protocol session for her, and that will add to the ongoing healing work, but she is not being attacked by spirits at this point in time. There may well be a renewed physical attack by those who want to harass her. They are gradually decreasing their avid interest and that is the ideal—to reach this point from the ongoing healing so eventually, they drop all involvement with her, at which point she will be out from under this campaign of terror. We are working on this and will continue to do so.