DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceA client asks: “What are the consequences of praying or asking for one’s own passing?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There is no prohibition from entertaining such ideas. We do understand there are circumstances when people have unremitting severe pain and healing is very slow in coming. It is not humane to simply continue to suffer in a way that really serves no purpose, and then it would be preferable to exit the body and return to the light. So we do not judge when people make decisions of that kind, but you know full well many times a person is not the best judge of when that might be highest and best for them, compared to sticking it out and attempting to carry the healing forward enough to rise above the current dilemma and get more out of the life remaining than to simply give up and flee the scene and leave behind a lost opportunity for making further gains. The longer you stay in your current incarnation and do healing work, the more you will benefit, and that is an investment in the future very worth taking even though it might require some unpleasant experiencing and tolerating of discomfort and unhappiness. If that can be turned around, there will be many good years left where you can make further gains and enjoy greater benefits than heretofore.

We do not regard your situation as being that desperate in spite of the unhappiness it is bringing you at the moment, but you are the one who has to live it and not us so we will not judge you regarding any decision of that kind you choose. This will ultimately be governed through the higher self, based on your desire, but the higher self must be in alignment as well, and even if it is, it may take some doing on your part because there are always parts of the mind who will cling to life desperately and may not be on board with a kind of suicidal impulse, in effect, even for a high purpose, so this is not a guaranteed strategy.