DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA client comments that following our Protocol work on her family that her daughter is better, but: “I, on the other hand, have not been feeling better, in fact, I’ve been feeling worse. I’ve been very blue, no energy, responsibilities all seem too much to tackle – even the smallest things. This afternoon was the first time I smiled for no reason and felt happy in these past few weeks. I have not been asking for protection daily – is that what the problem is? I noticed that you stated that there were some clearings that were difficult, were they mine? What more can I do or should I do? I feel that I have lost most of myself over the years in this job that is stifling my emotions and self. Please let me know what you suggest.” What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

The problems you struggle with are not due to lack of safety, they are karmic in nature and speak to the depth of the problem. There are many issues from multiple lifetimes converging on your current incarnation and its expression and dragging you down energetically in order to service the karmic debt that has accumulated. This is typical of almost every human being but varies only with respect to degree and the timing of when various bouts of karmic mischief rise to the surface and must be reckoned with.

The answer here is to keep going and allow healing to continue to chip away at the karmic backlog. This is a requirement in order to restore a true equilibrium eventually, and will pay many dividends once you have worked through it all and are in balance once again. Whether this takes the remainder of your life or happens sooner, the long‑term benefit is that healing all that remains will be a blessing that projects into all of your future. So the burden is appearing quite large but will, in fact, result in a much grander and enjoyable future far greater than what you have gone through in a period of suffering. This is the time to be strong and keep going and continue to do your best to cope with what life brings, knowing you are loved and supported. You can augment the healing with daily prayers, so we would suggest you do so as a combination prayer for both safety as well as broad healing for all that takes away your joy and happiness.