DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA viewer thinks the rollout of 5G Internet technology is a “target acquisition system,” that the extraterrestrials have flooded us with nanoparticles that work in conjunction with 5G, enabling us to “light-up” like light-bulbs when they turn on the global 5G network so they will be able to track EVERY HUMAN anywhere. Is this all true, and part of the annihilation plan for humanity to largely destroy itself using our own technology?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

This is partly true. It is true in general that the 5G technology is harmful energetically because of the microwave frequencies it operates on and the power levels involved that this system delivers to the planet’s surface, bombarding every living thing with destructive frequencies. It is also true that there is a broad infiltration of nanotechnology in the form of microchips or nanochips ingested with food and beverages that serve to transduce information from the various communication media to deliver messages directly to the deep subconscious mind for programming purposes. This is not for target identification per se, it is for delivery of propaganda to weaken humanity greatly and this can be ramped up at any time to do so in coordination with a disaster that has been engineered to happen, up to and including the launching of an annihilation. This will enable demoralizing the populace and weakening people to make them especially vulnerable, and even giving them instructions to do exactly the wrong things that will end up putting them directly in harm’s way. In that sense, it is a target acquisition system by manipulating people to show up where weapons might be trained on them, and thus be led to slaughter.