DWQA QuestionsCategory: High Level Psychic Attacks, CursesA client would like some feedback about her Lightworker Healing Protocol session. In particular, she asked about the woman who had affairs with her son and her husband, who abandoned her abruptly. Have this woman and her mother been using dark magic in some form to get him to leave home and take over his real estate business? What can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This client has seen intuitively there is something sinister about the actions of her husband and certainly, the conduct of the woman being manipulative and unsavory. She and her mother are engaged in taking unfair advantage using the dark arts to send manipulating energies in the form of psychic attacks, to throw him off balance, to weaken him and make him more vulnerable, and to use various means in an attempt to capture his heart. All of this is unethical because it goes against free will. As you know, we must carefully avoid countering anyone’s free will, even if they are a perpetrator. We can work indirectly from behind-the-scenes to raise them up through healing but cannot stop them in their tracks or undo their decisions by manipulating their free will. That is what they are attempting to do here with this woman’s husband. But even so, we cannot fight fire with fire. The Lightworker Healing Protocol is designed to take care of such issues, so all the manipulations can be removed and erased. That is not a problem to do energetically. They are an intrusion and do not belong. The more difficult challenge will be reining in the perpetrators themselves because they will still have free will to continue a campaign of sabotage if they choose to do so. This can keep the contest going for a quite long time if they are seeking continued power, control, and revenge against any attempts to thwart their handiwork. That can backfire and up the ante, so to speak. It is simply one risk of dealing with the darkness, that it can and will fight back at times. While the work is cloaked to be invisible to third parties when the divine carries out healing, they will be able to tell, most likely, if something is losing effectiveness or has been altered which they put in place. That cannot be hidden. If the husband is changed for the better in some way, that might well trigger a renewed attack.

That does not mean there is no hope, because we will be working with much healing, using many approaches to strengthen him and also to raise up the perpetrators so they begin to lose interest in the enterprise and relax their grip. That can take quite a long while. So time will tell what your client is in for here. You have been down this road many times with clients in similar circumstances and there is a range of possibilities with respect to how things proceed, whether they get worse before they get better, resolve rather quickly, or become a slow, ongoing, and unhappy change over time with the symptoms being the last thing to leave, unfortunately. We see that these things can be lifted, but the hopes of recovering the husband are highly uncertain given his vulnerability and the desire of the perpetrators to play their games. It is also possible they will lose interest, having gotten what they want, and if they feel they’ve been victorious may well move on to fresh targets, leaving damage in their wake. But at least that would end active manipulations against anyone in your client’s family. That is not a bad outcome considering the difficulty in dealing with these situations. So we will be working on this steadily from the basis of the sessions that were done and will be working on shoring up protection as well as healing for those involved who might still be in harm’s way.