DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsA client writes: “The Cabal extracted my soul or full consciousness out of me, and stored it in military facilities. I believe they will get rid of my current physical body and then after or during transition, they will grow a new body and put the captured soul there so they can control me forever on Earth. I do know that I was out-of-body every time I slept, and the astral body was enslaved by them. What is the status of my current soul in my current physical body?”
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago

This is simply a misunderstanding of what took place. It was not a capturing of the soul, it was the consciousness of her being that was present in the physical body. She was taken out-of-body during sleep and then manipulated, and she was put in other bodies at times for other experiences of manipulation. That is a phenomenon that can be done with the energy of the consciousness while out-of-body in that way. The dark spirits and the extraterrestrial spirits, both, can manipulate a person’s consciousness in this fashion. So, in effect, they are taking the person’s essence for a ride and then subjecting it to mistreatment and restricting its freedom, causing much fear and trauma in the bargain. During that interval, many things were said, many threats made in order to manipulate her and to control her and to have a sort of campaign of terror ongoing for purposes of manipulation and control. These were dark pronouncements and threats, not all of which could even be enacted, and were designed to intimidate and manipulate her.

Being out-of-body in this way is quite hazardous without high-level protection because there are many beings who can swoop in and begin a process of intimidation and even torture. That can be both mental and physical seeming, because they can create the impression of being within a body and then torment and torture that body, and have the instilled consciousness experiencing it as though it is their own body being harmed, and this feels quite real. This is not uncommon and is a road hazard for anyone doing astral travel. In most cases, this is involuntary and begins in early childhood with the ability of non-local consciousness to yearn for more experience and it may strike out on its own and engage in astral travel but do so unwittingly and without any training in how to maintain safety, and that was the case here. Being adept at doing astral travel put her at risk and this was used as a means of further manipulation and control. The answer here is to ask for divine help to keep her safe and to have control over whether or not she engages in astral travel in the first place, or allows it to happen, and the divine realm can help to reinforce her boundaries.

The answer here is to have healing work done and this will decrease vulnerability by doing karmic repair for many things that have undermined you and represent now a risk factor for further manipulation and injury. If you have work done with the Lightworker Healing Protocol, it will include ongoing repetition of session work and this will include having you attended to at the time of your transition so that you will be kept safe and will not be held back, but instead will be able to return home to the light without risk of being sidelined and becoming earthbound and trapped. Any further reincarnation will, as always, occur only when you choose. You can ask the divine realm to help with this or have a session done to see that this safeguard is actively ongoing.