DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionA group on the Internet has a bulletin saying: “According to Greater Community rules of conduct within the region of space in which our world exists, Intervention is not allowed unless it can be demonstrated that the native people welcome and approve of it…Preparation for our contact with the Greater Community begins with awareness, education, and Knowledge, our spiritual Mind…In facing the Greater Community, humanity must build unity, self-sufficiency and discretion. These are the three requirements that all free nations must establish to be free in the universe.” Who are the members of this organization? Who are the members of the “Greater Community?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Unfortunately, your worst fears are justified here. This group has become the Extraterrestrial Alliance, functionally speaking, through these individuals. This corruption of their thinking is now near total, as you have discerned yourself (speaking of discernment). The messages coming forth from this group are “spirituality light.” The idea of Knowledge with a capital “K” being promoted is all well and good, but if only supported by a set of platitudes and books of positive affirmations promoted as the be-all and end-all of growth and enlightenment, it falls far short of what is truly needed. The corruption is indeed supporting the broad Disclosure Movement by first warning about the danger of the black hat extraterrestrials with promise of outside support from the so-called Greater Community. Who and what that might be are not given here, but we can tell you that the plans of the Extraterrestrial Alliance do not provide a greater community of positive beings with sympathy for the human plight and any effort coming to their aid, whatsoever. This is a false promise from first to last, and it will indeed be a sad day if people trust this outreach and use this as a rallying point. It is in league with the darkness and offers no real solutions. You need more than awareness and knowledge, self-sufficiency and discernment. That is but a first step. You then need true partnership with the divine to tackle what is encircling you and moving towards producing a crushing blow to finalize your defeat. If you trust this wishful thinking message and align with them, you will be supporting the undoing of humanity.