DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can heal the root causes of intellectual impairments?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We began our discussion of the sources of intelligence and the factors influencing the personal endowment enjoyed by an individual and the interesting end result being the major factors are the influences of others and the environment as a whole, as much as or even more than the inherent ability of the individual on display. Each person in their makeup is the sum total of a myriad of influences coming from many sources and a long prior history individually and collectively. The saving grace here for someone who may be suffering or desiring to have greater capability in some way, or potential to improve their lot in life, and particularly to deal with difficulty when they are falling behind and feel impaired in some way, or are impoverished by life circumstances holding them back, is that there are answers through partnership with the divine.

The best ways to do this once one has embarked on cultivating the requisite belief in the divine and belief in the self to be worthy of a divine partnership, one can then reach out in prayer to request assistance directly. The better one defines one’s goal, explaining what seems to be missing or not working properly, and inviting a solution, and to do so on a regular basis, and to further request that a solution be worked on and this request to be kept active and enacted over and over and over again, ensures you not only have a place in line, you have a place in line every moment of every day to have a divine response set in motion on your behalf. This is the benefit in learning how to use prayer effectively, and is why you have reached out to us to learn how to make better this process and build in leverage to increase the likelihood, the speed of enactment, and the level of benefit and effectiveness of the divine response you may be granted.

These empowerments you are sharing with others, and we are happy to recommend and promote your efforts to others in this way because it was our intention for this to happen, and is an example of what we are discussing with you in taking advantage of a divine partnership and gaining a benefit and seeking a better path that will lead you to a better future in the bargain. This is an exercise in human fulfillment and the art of living that will help everyone to be raised up and the world to become better. If all were to reach out in prayer, the world would change overnight.

What the individual can do, in addition to an individual prayer outreach using the tools of empowerment we have taught you, is to request high-level healing for any and all involved in the survival and success of the divine human experiment in free will. The best tool for this is using the Lightworker Healing Protocol because it is, first of all, comprehensive in including every source of human negativity that can befall a person, and it also encompasses healing for everyone and everything, and the wherewithal to actually make this achievable given that no human being has the power to help everyone through their prayers as usually given. People have not been taught how to pray with a level of empowerment to reach much beyond the self and perhaps a few others. That is the key to your future—learning about and implementing that empowerment.

This is what the Lightworker Protocol does to the ultimate extent by building in ways to bring in many, many powerful sources for healing and the pooling of the healing endeavors, and their repetition, and their implementation not only in the moment and the immediate future of all beings who have a stake in the outcome of this endeavor for the continued survival of the universe, but this includes the perpetrators who are the source of all the problems you face. This is the single most effective way you can progress as a species, to heal your perpetrators and remove them as a source of negative influence and a hindrance that holds your very survival in the balance. No one else is teaching this, promoting it, and giving you tools that have any chance of turning the tide here. You need the most powerful, explicit, and divine level intervention, through requests that are not only heartfelt but have the wherewithal in understanding what is needed, how the divine realm heals and solves dilemmas of this kind, and how to request it effectively, in order for this help to be granted.

This is a test of humanity and a learning curve in developing and implementing your divinity. If you embrace this wisdom and implement it, you can save everyone who is in peril otherwise. It is your choice and always has been. If you rise to the occasion, you will not only prevail, you will excel and advance into a glorious new future that awaits you but can only happen if you engage with your challenge and request a divine solution. You cannot solve this through your politics. You cannot solve this through your military. You cannot take on the darkness personally or even as an aggregate of physical beings. Only the divine can encourage them to loosen their grip and withdraw so that you can truly begin healing once and for all, without continued renewed wounding holding you down, not only limiting your progress but taking you to the brink of your annihilation—that is what is at stake.

You can turn the tide if you work with us. You need to learn about what it takes, how to participate, and how to be effective as a warrior for the divine. It is not so difficult. You have learned much more difficult things and mastered much more demanding skills than simply how to ask for help in a sophisticated, intelligent, and knowledgeable way. That is within the capability of everyone. The question is, “Will you be among them?”