DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsA new book being published, Unfreedom of the Press, documents the fact that leading newspapers of the WWII era, including the New York Times, barely remarked about the ongoing Holocaust. The fact that little is taught about the Holocaust in schools worldwide is often attributed to political bias of the left, or latent anti Semitism making people uncomfortable about the topic so there is a reluctance to report about or discuss it. Is there a deeper, more sinister cover-up still happening?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

When a monstrous act of inhumanity, such as the Holocaust, takes place, it should rightly live for all time as a horror and a cautionary tale for all to understand its deepest meaning and implications for the future as well. To cover it up with the excuse of preserving delicate sensibilities of the young, for example, does a disservice to the ability of human to truly understand and benefit from knowing the truth of things. There is simply no justification to relegate such an event to the dustbin of history without learning its most important lessons. It is being orchestrated to be covered up and this orchestration continues to this day. While the specter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime is referred to, again and again, in propaganda designed to damage someone’s reputation and attack people by attributing the most vile motives to their actions, the actual fruits of that regime, the Holocaust and the reality of war, are not spoken of in the same way. This is quite ironic because it is the latter that is the concern, that is the source of pain and suffering, not the kind of uniforms that were worn, nor the insignia, nor the particular leaders and their personal behavior, appearance, and idiosyncrasies. It is what they did, their fruits, that need to be understood and exposed to the world, again and again, as an object lesson in trusting to power as opposed to divine love, to administer morality.

The lack of coverage of the Holocaust all during its formation and multiyear machinations was entirely orchestrated to maintain complacency among the broad population. It was not done for a particular political agenda, although many perceived a benefit to themselves or their compatriots in adopting that perspective to downplay the gravity of the situation because they did not want to participate personally in the conflict, or for other selfish reasons. But that was simply a way the propaganda was used to manipulate such individuals to end up with inaction across the board with no hue and cry, and sense of outrage with greater inner resolve than ever to right this wrong, which would be a normal human reaction to this level of depravity going on relentlessly month after month, year after year. So you are simply seeing in this writing a superficial interpretation of the reason for the complacency that was actually orchestrated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance, piggybacking, in some cases, on political motives and personal preferences, but being illogical in the final analysis given the gravity of this dire level of depravity taking over a large part of the world and sending humans into oblivion.