DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaSome people really seem to walk around with a target painted on them. Can you explain to us the mechanism through which bullies seem to have such an uncanny ability to find previous victims of bullying?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This is widely attributed to be the fault of the victim in conveying through their body language they are a weakling and are timid and vulnerable and radiating fear in some way or another. These are possible factors in a particular situation. The radiating of fear is more profound than people realize. It is a similar mechanism through which animals appear to “smell fear” in a would-be human victim they may prey on or attempt to harm. This is a combination of factors creating a negative energetic signature. Each person has a personal thought plane into which their thoughts are sent as energy that persists. This thought plane is what people tune into when entering a room and getting a sense of the person present as having a particular vibration or “vibe” as it is commonly described.

That vibration is the energetic signature of a buildup in negativity contributed by the person’s own negative self-talk, their own self-condemnation, their own self-criticisms. This accumulates in the way of what is termed thought forms, as thoughts are literally things, packets of energy with content that reflects energetically, the nature of what was expressed. With this buildup of negativity, a person with dark inner thoughts will self‑label themselves as being unworthy, as being vulnerable, and fearful of attack. This indeed, is like raising a red flag to a bull, so to speak and will encourage anyone with a leaning towards bullying of others to give them a close look to see if there is a way to exploit the situation to their liking. At the same time, the thought plane is the entry point for all dark thoughts and opinions about the person generated by other people around them. These are mostly ordinary and quite common cases simply representing the dislike that might be generated by peers when someone is withdrawn and their personal vulnerability and unworthiness from their self-labeling are on display. Or in some cases, there may also be very high-level psychic attacks that are simply a dark intention that is purposeful and intends to cause harm directly, with knowing aforethought.

Most individuals want to avoid such persons so as to not be associated with them and thereby lumped in with someone unworthy, and perhaps become a victim of bullying themselves. So they may well, in the bargain, pile on without realizing this has a real consequence, as their negativity about that hapless victim adds to the problem by pouring negativity into the person’s thought plane, projected to them as a psychic attack. In addition to the effect of the person themselves and any other people who know them and cast aspersions, on-board spirit meddlers will both contribute negativity by taunting the bullying victim, as well as engineer an orchestrated campaign of negative attacks by communicating to the spirit meddler attachments of other people around the victim host, inviting them to join the party and rain a cascade of negative thoughts and attacking opinions at the victim to make things worse.

All of this serves onboard spirit attachments because of the consequences of the dark emotions being ginned up. It is these combinations of sources of negativity that people read intuitively when encountering a serious bullying victim who will be quite raw and may generate a powerful unpleasant vibration causing most people to steer around them, but for bullies to spring into action, and this may well inspire a fresh attack by total strangers.