DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaA number of prominent psychics and authors over the last 50 years have prophesized about coming massive Earth changes, including Edgar Cayce. We have learned from Creator that many Earth changes of the past were triggered by extraterrestrial technologies, particularly that of the Anunnaki. One psychic describes seeing the Earth healing itself through an upheaval of land and sea, with the land folding over on itself to bury everything and leaving a pristine surface. Can Creator comment on this startling revelation?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

This is a good example of the campaign of disinformation that has been rampant involving psychics, psychic mediums, and channelers, and this is nothing new. Humans have been interfered with throughout their entire history and all would-be prophets and seers are met with attempts to corrupt and commandeer their vision in order to implant propaganda that is something that will serve the interlopers. The theme of catastrophic Earth changes is an easy go-to, to ramp up fear and give humans pause about what might be coming and what they might suffer unless they follow the guidance being given in whatever setting such visions are applied. This is common with extraterrestrial abductions, that the abductees are shown future prophecies of massive catastrophic Earth changes with destruction of human civilization, and this is given as a warning that humans need to look to the extraterrestrials as saviors for they are here to help humanity, and so forth.

Unfortunately, this is a vast deception, a Trojan horse operation, and if humans invite them to help run the world it will be the undoing of humanity because in essence you will be choosing the darkness over the light. They are working against the divine in everything they do. They stay in the background because they are cowardly and they succeed through cunning manipulations they are able to arrange, and take little risk in doing so directly. Their karma, however, is mounting from all of their misdeeds of the past and there will be an ultimate reckoning. What we would like to see is for that ultimate reckoning to take place without harm to humanity. This can be so if humans can find a way to bring healing for the interlopers and cause them to withdraw and not seek to harm the world and its inhabitants—then humanity can heal fully from all of the carnage of past eras visited on you through endless manipulation and many times of torment.

The Earth is designed to be a loving nest for humanity. When it is not it is because of extraterrestrial perturbations, not something the Earth itself wants to visit on you because it dislikes your presence, or a divine decree and judgment from “on high” such that we would sling bolts of lightning at you and bring tornadoes and hurricanes as vengeful wrath from divine origins. All those ideas are a myth promulgated by the interlopers to make you fear God and distrust divine intervention as an option. In coming to terms with that fear, you have chosen, many of you, to take a secular path, to sidestep the issue, not realizing what you give up is all of the positive benefits that were there all along and the negative consequences were only a disinformation campaign to discourage faith in the divine. Returning to that faith is the answer for the problems of today’s world.