DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaOne common denominator in the vast majority of material covering extensive Earth changes is the lack of discussion around trigger mechanisms. The extreme changes are forecasted to happen, but few go into why. However, one source warns about human experimentation with technologies using electromagnetic wave energy or other forms of wave power, that they can cause serious fluctuations in the waves given off by the Earth, through a kind of harmonic entrainment. Can Creator comment on this danger?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

Here again is extraterrestrial propaganda designed to misattribute environmental destruction, adverse weather, and the potential of a global catastrophe from an Earth upheaval, as related to human doings when such is not the case. While humans have been corrupted to embrace many kinds of technologies that are unhealthy in their utilization, as well as weapons systems of various kinds, you are nowhere near a point where you could destroy the world. So to keep a kind of folly going, the extraterrestrials will sometimes allude to what they are capable of doing, but in a vague way to mask the real working knowledge, and only present in broad outlines the idea because it is simple to do so based on the knowledge they possess. That is the case here, they are talking about their own wherewithal to destroy the world and painting a picture of you potentially causing it. This is in alignment with the ongoing Disclosure Movement, to encourage the idea of gaining alien cooperation and support to help humans save themselves from human folly. This is entirely a subterfuge, a disinformation campaign, and a disempowerment; it is the extraterrestrials you need to fear and work to prevent their ongoing campaign of misdirection and a gradual tightening of the noose they have around your necks.