DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA practitioner asks: “[A client] insists that she still has dark spirits in her house even though I have done many LHPs for her and the clearing of the house. She has a history of drug abuse but claims that she has stopped taking them and that the spirits are still there. Can you tell me if there are still dark spirits present, or do they keep returning, or is it just her imagination?” What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago
This is not her imagination although she is exaggerating the importance of intuitive perception. This is a problem now of her fear. Dark spirits are abundant but not necessarily a threat to anyone who is standing strong. But those who might perceive and sense their presence can become alarmed and fear the worst. This is no different than taking a ride on the subway where one ordinarily does not know they might be sitting next to a criminal but someone greatly attuned intuitively might well sense this and feel menaced even though no crime occurs. So the key is that dark beings that were manipulating her have been dealt with, but that does not mean she will be completely cordoned off from wandering spirits that might pass through looking for a target of opportunity. While the ideal is to maintain a cordon of safety, representing a kind of haven even though it is only a bubble, what is standing in the way is her level of fear that something might get her and, when she is fearing that and believing it might be so, we cannot go against her beliefs to clear out a safety zone even though it might provide a solution more to her liking. We do not think this is good to share with her as she will feel you are blaming her for her problems. So what is best is a simple explanation that some dark spirits can come and go but she is under divine watch and need not fear. If she engages with them with fearful thoughts, it might be seen as an invitation. So encourage her to be strong, to see them as lowly beings, that she is of the light and with the light, so anything that wanders through can be ignored.