DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialA practitioner asks: “What will happen to all the material things after we ascend, from our houses, cars, and computer to our cities and infrastructure? What about shutting down systems like nuclear power plants safely to avoid blowups? Will all that be taken care of by divine realm, or will the physical Earth no longer need to be cared for at all, as Gaia, as consciousness, will be ascended and gone? Or will we need to ask for safe shutting down of our physical infrastructure through the LHP?” What can Creator tell us?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago
There will be a combination of forces and factors at work that will see to those things necessary for an orderly progression of events and to keep things in order for what is left behind. There may well be additions to the protocols to assist with this new transition and its aftermath, but there will also be careful planning by those in the physical contemplating their coming ascension, to put their affairs in order and not abandon their posts simply to escape and leave a danger with no one on watch. Such individuals will make arrangements to do a handoff or a needed shutdown if something is in process that needs their participation. So all these things will work their way out. Anything left behind will simply be an archaeological artifact that will not be a harm to Gaia. There will still be consciousness within the physical Planet Earth even though a large portion will ascend and remain associated with the higher dimensional Earth and the ascended human population. So the physical plane will continue as before, there will continue to be weather, many life forms. There are futuristic depictions of an Earth no longer containing humans, and how the cities will eventually erode and be overgrown by living things looking for a habitat, all of which is quite natural and not to be feared. The key will be in whether or not people leave voluntarily, through ascension, or because they have been decimated through annihilation.