DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationA practitioner asks: “Can listening to one of these online presentations by false healers and channelers undo or thwart the beneficial effects of a Lightworker Healing Protocol performed previously on the listener?”
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

They will have no effect one way or another. There can be circumstances where people, in opening up to energies being delivered, will receive surreptitious subconscious programming. So to that extent, there may be an undoing of prior clearing if a person has received a Protocol session, but it will not disturb other benefits already received from the Protocol session. As always, each person governs their own energy and their own fate. Even when a Protocol session has been applied and all the tools of protection put in place, the client can still drop their guard and undermine what has been done and allow interlopers to again make headway and undermine things. So it is always highest and best to avoid corrupt sources of information and, in particular, manipulations done on the person by non-divine practitioners, no matter how lofty their self-description might be.