DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationA practitioner asks: “There are many online ‘healing’ networks offering a different speaker each day, who is often an energy healer, or angel communicator, or channeler of higher wisdom etc. etc. offering various energetic/healing modalities, such as DNA Activation or Upgrading, Abundance Codes, Positive Affirmations, Aura Cleansing, among others. There is more often than not, a ‘process’ that the guest speaker performs on the listening audience (also claimed to be effective on the replay of the show), a sample of what they can do for you should you decide to take on their services or offerings. Is this potentially more dangerous than helpful to those seeking some kind of spiritual help in their 3D lives?”
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

Unfortunately, this is the case. On the one hand, these approaches are bereft of core meaning and actual results. Almost all are not truly spiritual interventions, but are energy manifested somehow from within the being or through an appeal to something beyond, but rarely a true divine source. As such, they are harmless, but a misdirection raising false hope and expectations that will not be delivered in the end. The placebo effect itself has benefits, so even snake oil has worked in the past, but works no longer. Once people see through a false claim, the effect disappears because it was based all along on inner faith and belief that something good would happen, and this created a positive benefit through the person’s own doing. Healing, to be meaningful, needs to perform beyond creating expectations. These websites will not deliver on their promise. Moreover, they are a self-revealing trap for people to identify as wanting such improvements and are turning to solutions outside the norm—this will likely get them identified by the interlopers and they will be manipulated further, so there are risks involved always in engaging with false teachings.